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Noor has a welcoming and open warmth about her. With her wealth of lived experience, she connects with her refugee and migrant peers with so much ease. Noor understands the nuanced lives of women in her Rohingyan community - living between identities, cultures and responsibilities. This makes her a determined advocate and I'm honoured to know her.

 MYAN former youth programs coordinator, Hannah Lai

Noor Azizah is a strong Rohingya woman advocate in our community. She has done outstanding work in making sure the voices of women on the grounds are enhanced by mashing her skill sets as a Rohingya woman, her lived refugee experience and theoretical practices.

Noor Azizah is a passionate, sincere and engaging speaker who inspired over 50 young women with her experiences, knowledge and advice as a panelist at the Zonta Young Women’s Networking Event 2022. Noor was insightful and impactful on the audience and we received terrific feedback about her contributions to the panel.

Zonta Club of Botany Bay, Young Women’s Networking Event Committee, Daniella Mraovic 

SBS Rohingya producer, Yasmeen Ahmed

Noor Azizah has shared her vibrant family recipes and incredible stories with the SBS Food audience. Noor has been a guest on SBS’s TV series The Cook Up with Adam Liaw where she has showcased her home cooking and Rohingyan food. Noor has also opened up about her personal refugee story and her family, as part of an SBS Food video initiative for Refugee Week

SBS Food Producer, Farah Celjo

I had the honor of working with Azizah on a weeklong platform on protecting minorities in Asia where she drove the point of ensuring work involve the Rohingya people not just their voices — and that recognizing their people’s contribution to reclaiming dignity should accompany every initiative on human rights and justice. She spoke as a victim and refugee, and thoughtfully adds how overcoming her own struggle showed her what life should be for every Rohingya. Azizah embodies the aspirations of every minority: equality, dignity, and peace.

 Programmes Manager Nonviolence International Southeast Asia, ​Mitzi Austero

Noor Azizah was a fantastic speaker to have on our International Women’s Day panel. She spoke of her work in advocacy, education and human rights with great passion and insight. It was a privilege to hear her stories and learn from her experiences.

 University of Notre Dame Co-Chairs, Daphne McLeod and Margaret Bester

Speaking with Noor had to be the highlight of my week. I sent her some general talking points in advance and she prepared for the interview without delay, including writing her own talking points for the day. She is inspirational for her community and young refugee girls and boys worldwide. Her lived experience has blossomed her deep understanding of human rights, advocacy, determinism and empowering people to forge their own paths.

 University of Sydney Marketing Communications, Sophie Austin

My sincerest thanks and appreciation for your inspiring and motivating presentation of your life at our SWS & Illawarra Uniting Conference! Your talk hit the right note with our colleagues, and I heard wonderful accolades for your participation and presentations all throughout the afternoon and since the event. We are absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to present a Guest Speaker of your calibre, with such a timely and powerful message!

Triage & Assessment Specialist SWS Family Connect & Support, Virendra Rathore


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