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Media Apperances

The Journey of Love

Rohingya Maìyafuìnor Collaborative Network

Global Citizen Nights Melbourne

Rohingya Refugee Noor Azizah Tells Her Story

The Rohingya,

a regional forgotten crisis

Inclusive Policy Making

Lessons from stateless activists

Rohingya Beef Curry

SBS Food

Speaking on the main stage at One Young World 2023


Resistance & Resilience with Noor Azizah

Rohingya Women Webinar Series

Noor Azizah

The story of Noor Azizah


How being a refugee shaped my appreciation for education.

The Year that Made Me: Noor Azizah, 2003

Rohingya Tomato Soup

Myanmar’s forgotten genocide

Noor's Rohingyan Beef Curry

The Year that Made Me: Noor Azizah, 2003

How a former refugee is changing lives one classroom at a time

Bangladesh: A Rohingya Diaspora Visit to Kutupalong Refugee Camp

From displacement to freedom in the classroom

Connecting with Our Alumni: An Interview with Noor Azizah

The fire the world ignored

Noor Azizah: NSW Young Woman of the Year 2024 recipient

2024 Global Citizen Youth Leaders Awards: Meet the 32 Young Leaders

InterAction Council founds Global Youth Council of One Young World Ambassadors

Pledging to help refugees use the power of language learning

6th Plenary Session - Global Refugee Forum 2023

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